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a woman smiling at the camera

Jackie Johnson

Events Manager

Born and raised in the nearby Stonington area, Jackie Johnson is a true local with a robust background in hospitality. Johnson has honed her skills in the tourism industry since the age of 15 and has brought these talents to our passionate managerial team. Not only has she been with The Shipwright’s Daughter since the start, but Jackie’s also very familiar with 20 East Main Street. If you’re a Whaler’s Inn regular, you might recognize her infectious smile from the front desk where she began her career with us several years ago. 

Looking for an authentic Mystic experience? Jackie says a true pastime is getting stuck and annoyed in traffic while trying to cross the century-old bascule drawbridge. Take in the fantastic views as it rises to allow the passage of unique water vessels. Even though it causes a delay, it sure is a sight to behold! Johnson loves our local area and its strong sense of community. Jackie is eager to join in the sustainability endeavors of The Shipwright’s Daughter. One of her favorite aspects of the team is the opportunity to work with community partners. She enjoys working with those who are striving to make a positive impact on our environment.